Veganism is something I am really passionate about.  If you were to ask me 5 years ago if I would ever contemplate being a vegan, I would have slapped you right there for even asking such a ridiculous question.  However, a poor digestion and a love for animals led me on this wonderful path.  I can’t believe how ignorant people are when it comes to animal consumption.  I am not wanting everyone in the world to become vegans.  But, I am wanting people to at least freaking stop and thinking about what they are eating & where it came from.  I think this would open peoples’ minds which would eliminate ignorance.  Once people understood where their freaking food comes from and how it was brutally murdered for selfish human consumption than maybe they would attempt to cut back a little.

Do you really need not have meat for every single food?  Do you really need to add cheese to every fucking dish?  No, and I am always preplexed when people wonder why they are so overweight.  Did you look at the food contents label on the back of the box?  Of course not because ignorance is bliss.  Ignorance to me is being held prisoner in your own body and mind because you are prohibiting yourself from knowledge.  This is information that can allow you to become happier, healthier, skinnier, more energized, more focused, clearer skin, improved digestion, and a better fucking sex life.  Why wouldn’t you want to modify your diet?  Nobody says you have to jump into veganism or even become vegetarian.  But, attempt to try to cut back on animal consumption and lean more towards locally grown organic foods.

Just my two cents!


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