WTF, Subway now offering an all-vegan patty!

4 Nov

The fast-food sandwich chain, Subway, is now offering their fabulously hip, health conscious customers an all-vegan patty for their sandwiches.  This is a huge milestone for the mundane sandwich chain that rose to fame with their dumb fat Jared campaigns.  Anyway, their “Totally Vegged” Vegetable Patty was finally created after the company received innumerable requests from their veggie customers.  Unfortunately, the vegan patty is only being offered at three locations in Ontario and one in British Colombia, but Subway may expand to other franchisees if the vegan patty is successful.  Hooray to Subway for finally expanding their product to omnivores who want to stay healthy and fit but also want to live a life free of animal cruelty!  I still don’t like the fast food chain because of their average, poor quality sandwiches.  However, I do like that they are making changes to accommodate their vegetarian and vegan customers.


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