Fake Meat Butcher Shops?

4 Oct

In October, 2011 a unique butcher shop opened in the Netherlands called Vegetarian Butcher. This exceptional shop, which has 30 locations, offers their customers a plethora of meat-free products, such as chicken, sausages, gyros, bacon and a surplus of other tasty treats. 

Niko Koffeman, one of the shop’s founders, designed this concept to help the 75% of Dutch people who don’t eat meat on a daily basis.  The goal was to help them limit their meat consumption by offering alternative products that look and taste just like actual meat.  The Dutch believe that meat production is highly inefficient creating a growing concern for sustainability so they have greatly reduce their meat consumption.

Is this the answer for people looking to eliminate meat from their diets?  I do like my occasional fake meats and think it can be a terrific resource for those transitioning into a meat free diet.  However, I do not think fake meats should be over consumed.  Fake meats are heavily processed and usually contain gluten, making it difficult for the body to digest.  People worldwide need to limit their intake on processed foods and should lean more towards natural whole foods that are full of vitamins and minerals.  This is the only way that people can guarantee they are getting all the nourishment they need from their foods.


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